On Saturday 1st of September, a voice sounding like that of human being was heard in one of the billboards that are the city square in Kisumu town.

Bystanders who dashed to the bizarre scene attracted police, firefighters and ambulance rescue brigade ready to ‘save’ the voice.


Nothing was found inside the hollow huge billboard after it had been cut. The ‘voice’ went mute as the bystanders mumbled and fumbled with words clutching on traditional stories of hunted areas.

Soon, the place was a deserted place, and for few hours it felt like the ‘most haunted’ billboard in Kisumu county!

Even though cases of witch hunt have been widely reported in Kenya and across the world, the reports remain not scientifically proven but rather mere personal accounts.

Victims claim there are ‘good and bad’ spirits, the ‘bad’ spirits may attack victims or may be used by malicious sorcerers to harm innocent people


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