By Irene Olwande

The makers of Seredo 2  film arguably made history when residents turned up in record numbers to welcome the launch of the Luo-comedy film.

The event held at Anga Planet Media at Mega City saw the cinema hall packed to capacity with the film receiving a rousing applause from the audience after the premier.

Some film lovers were contented on sitting on the side- stairways at the film launch that had an almost constant intermittent laughter from the audience.

Written by Robbie Odongo and directed by Nicholas Adongo,Seredo is a Luo name meaning sorghum, just as sorghum attracts birds so is the beautiful city of Kisumu that has attracted two illiterate brothers who are working all ways not to go back home despite being a thorn in their newly-wed sister’s marriage.

The sister- Olisa played by Terry Andwana; a newly-wed woman invites her two brothers from the village to the city. The brothers’ ignorance soon becomes a thorn in the flesh to her seemingly happy marriage. Their continued dramatic escapades and the newly-found love for life in the city only serve to expose their primitive ways. Olisa eventually has no option but to ‘deport’ them back to the village.

Odongo who also played the lead role of Rabala (Olisa’s brother) was thankful for all who came out to support their own. Acknowledging facing financial challenges during the production but promised more tantalizing films in the near future.

The movie was produced by LeQwood, Finix and Wakawaka productions.

Some of the acts featuring in the film include Moses Oduwa (Captain’s Boss), Robert Mtagaya(Captain), Cliff Ochieng’ (Omboto), Jorim Nyambok(Abdul), Lucy Atida (Min Olisa) among others.

Here’s the red carpet review video;



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