Popular actress Linda Opany’ best remembered for the role ‘Mikayi’ in the musical play Kwe Kalyet-Lwanda Magere Revisited was laid to rest over the weekend.Opany’ died from post-delivery complications  in early April.

Fellow thespians in song and dance thronged the home in Gem Nyagondo for befitting celebration send-off that has come to be associated with thespians.

In the musical play Kwe Kalyet directed by Prof Jan Selman, George Chunga and Desai Ogada; Linda played role of the first wife of Lwanda Magere and would be best remembered for her full of life performances that moved the audiences.

Linda Opany’ plays the role “Mikayi” in the Musical Play Kwe Kalyet at Aga Khan Hall in Kisumu./Courtesy

Unknown to many, Linda was expectant and in her third trimester even as she role-played as Luanda’s wife.

Linda’s acting career that spans over a decade saw her perform with several theatre groups including Ignite Africa, Zidi Africa, Laser Arts Ensemble, Story Makers Society (SMS), Angazi Jamii, Ziwa Africa among others

Amilia,Zilpa and Linda(right) perform in a musical narrative by Story Makers Society(SMS) titled “Wrath Of a Woman” at American Corner,National Library Kisumu in August 2014

Her prowess in acting is also seen in her acts in films she featured in including the popular Jalach which she co-stared alongside Actor Berlin Ajek.

Linda co-stars alongside Berlin in the comedy-film ‘Jalach’


Other films she starred in include Jasem,JasemII,Dalana Yaye,Tripple Effect  and Angels of Nyalenda.


  1. RIP. She was just wonderful actress

  2. I will forever miss her… She has dug a deep cavity in the heart of SMS.
    may she RIP

  3. Boniface Ogutu Akach

    May her soul rest in eternal peace

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